How Superstars Can Help Your Fundraising Event

Posted: 21/07/2017 in Charity Auctions

Do you want to maximise the fundraising at your event and you like the idea of running a silent auction?

We know how daunting the prospect of organising a silent auction and sourcing donated items can be. This is where Superstars come in.

Five reasons to work with Superstars:
1. The widest product selection in the industry with many completely unique items.

From 'once in a lifetime' experiences to exclusively commissioned artwork, we have everything you need for a successful silent auction. Many of our competitors may be able to offer you products, but the reality is that it is sourced through and fulfilled by a third party. This has several negative implications including available product range, quality and increased costs.

2. Dedicated account manager from start to finish.

From the first contact to the transfer of charity funds you will have a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact throughout the process. Supported by the rest of the team back in the office, we aim to make sure that you are supported in every aspect.

3. Ability to supply a multitude of bidding styles to suit the event.

Superstars are able to supply both electronic and paper sealed bidding styles. It is important to make sure the appropriate style is selected to maximise the fundraising potential. Due to strong relationship with electronic bidding providers, it means we can offer electronic bidding at a discount. You can find out more on electronic and sealed paper bidding here:

4. Longest established UK silent auction provider.

Superstars has been established within the fundraising sector for many years and we've managed many silent auctions, of all shapes and sizes, for hundreds of organisations. We are in a position to offer advice from lengthy experience and as we've grown over the years so has the product selection and level of service. We know that no two events are the same.

5. A truly clear and transparent pricing structure.

At Superstars we physically own all of our stock. This means that we can be extremely price conscious and have much greater flexibility when it comes to what we can offer. When it comes to experiences this means that we can offer bespoke tailor made packages, whereas competitors will be supplying you 'off the shelf' experience days solely relying on third party fulfilment. With product supplied by Superstars, we try to make it as simple as possible when it comes to pricing. We know many competitors will offer items at a fixed cost together with a complex and confusing percentage structure, but that's not how we like to do things.

Superstars items are offered with a fixed supply price that is only applicable if bid upon. Everything generated over the supply price is charity profit.

A simple example would be an artwork with a supply price of £395. Let's say this item then sells for £850, your charitable organisation receives £455. It's that simple!

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The Process
The first step is for us to learn a little more about you and your event. We can then propose the correct and most suitable method of running your silent auction, with a choice of paper-based sealed bidding and electronic bidding. Each carry their own merits, which we outline further below. From here, we move on to product selection. We will review the donations you may have received for the event. We will take great care not to propose any items that may clash with your donations. With a combination of our experience, expansive product selection and your input, we will construct an item listing to compliment the expected audience.

Prior to the event we will design and print bidding booklets (or supplements for electronic bidding) all free of charge. The silent auction management and staffing are also covered by us, leaving you to focus on everything else that your event entails. Ultimately though, it leaves you with no risk. Post-event we will follow up any payments not taken on the night and make sure that guests receive their items as instructed and in a timely manner. We supply you with all the information on winning bidders on a clear data sheet and then, once all payments are in, will transfer the outstanding charity proceeds to a nominated bank account.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to know a little more about our service. We would love to hear from you:

T: 01491 413 377

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Do you want to maximise the fundraising at your event and you like the idea of running a silent auction?

We know how daunting the prospect of organising a silent auction and sourcing d...