Anne Marie Wright 

Wright brings a unique textual approach to looking at people by recreating their image using only hand written text. From a distance you will see a black and white image, when moving closer you will see the image is composed of handwritten text. 

Darth Vader - This fantastic representation of the iconic Star Wars character 'Darth Vader' has been captured extraordinarily in her unique style. Printed in 2017 from an edition of 50, the artwork is comprised of Star Wars film quotes and has been signed and numbered by the artist. It is even more collectible as it has been signed by Dave Prowse who played Darth Vader in the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

Roger Moore - This classic shot of Roger Moore as 007 is a limited edition artwork by Anne Marie Wright printed in 2016. The piece is extra special having been signed by both the artist and Roger Moore. This artwork is from an edition of just 50 and comprised of quotes from the James Bond movies Roger Moore starred in.

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