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What our clients have to say about our Privately Commissioned art

  • "Purchased the most beautiful piece called by Sarah Taylor from Superstars, couldn't be happier with the quality, the size and the frame it came in"Y.FINN
  • "At a charity event I attended last year I came across a beautiful piece by Mila Furstova that I bid on for my wife, I've never seen anything like it before the detail that has gone into it is fantastic"E.ELLIOT

About our Privately Commissioned Art

At Superstars we know that the best auction items are ones that are difficult to obtain! This is why we continuously invest in privately commissioned contemporary artwork. As we are in control of the entire artwork edition guests aren’t able to purchase the piece anywhere else, therefore massively maximising the profits we raise at the charity events that we support. As you can see the artwork we commission is striking, topical and extremely desirable.


Certificate of Authenticity & Provenance

With our privately commissioned artwork, we’re involved in the process from start to finish, speaking directly with the artist. Each piece comes with a Superstars Certificate of Authenticity and detailed provenance, providing you with further insight of the work, detailing the paper type, edition size, date of work, and any necessary notes regarding the piece.

What Artists do you work with?

We have a plethora of privately commissioned artists with something to suit all audiences and price range. The majority of our art is privately commissioned and includes artists such as Paul Normansell, Mila Furstova, Sue Moffitt, Sarah Taylor and Anne-Marie Wright.

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Authenticity & Provenance

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