Maximize Your Fundraising potential with us

1. A truly risk free service with a clear and transparent pricing structure.
2. The widest product selection in the industry with many completely unique items.
3. Dedicated account manager from start to finish.
4. Ability to supply a multitude of bidding styles to suit the event.
5. Longest established UK silent auction provider.
Superstars offer a premium service and our pricing reflects this, we do everything we can to keep this cost down to a minimum. We would hate for our pricing to be a limiting factor when making your decision, which is why we are willing to price match any other competitor.


Unlike many auction providers, we are able to offer you both electronic and sealed bidding. We can offer the latest electronic bidding technology, complete with iPads, and also a pre-event online auction, if required. Once we have agreed on the most suitable bidding style, we can create a tailored silent auction listing to suit your guests and complement your items. 

Prior to the event, we will manage the design and print of bidding brochures, customised with event and charity branding. Throughout the process, you will have an experienced and dedicated account manager. On the day, professional Superstars staff will be on hand to assist the account manager in the smooth running of the auction. All payments, shipping and administrative work will be taken care of by Superstars


With product supplied by Superstars, we try to make it as simple as possible when it comes to pricing. We know many competitors will offer items at a fixed cost together with a complex and confusing percentage structure, but that's not how we like to do things.
Superstars items are offered with a fixed supply price that is only applicable if bid upon. Everything generated over the supply price is charity profit.


Product supplied by Superstars is offered on a sale or return basis. Each item has a supply price, to be taken by Superstars, if sold. Everything above the supply price is charity profit. A margin will always be built into the reserve price to ensure charity profit. This is the clearest and most transparent structure available within the charity auction sector and it works exceptionally well.
You will receive 100% of the funds raised on items not supplied by Superstars.


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