Unlike many auction providers, Superstars offer both electronic and paper-based sealed bidding platforms. Each bidding style offers different benefits, so our team take time to assess your requirements before proposing the most suitable option for your event.

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What bidding style will work best for your event?

There are many factors that help us to answer this! After discussing your event in-depth, and using our experience, we will suggest which platform we believe would work best. Our team will also provide case studies for you to review so you are able to make an informed decision.


This interactive live bidding system adds a competitive edge to your event. Bids are placed on iPads found on each table, with bids displayed in real-time on leaderboard screens around the room.

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A traditional style, we have modernised using unique bidding brochures for guests to bid in. It’s completely blind and encourages high bids.

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