Daniel Mernagh

Mernagh's work is often described as ‘controlled chaos’ and he has collaborated with international brands such as Nike and Universal. His journey as an artist started as a graffiti writer before going on to study Graphic Design and Electronic Media and gradually moving into fine art where he has established an impressive reputation across the globe. His innovative and spontaneous approach creates unique and spectacular interpretations of celebrities, both past and present. 

'Bowie' is a striking and vibrant giclée print by the contemporary artist. This example is an artist proof (AP) prior to small limited edition of 40 making it exceptionally collectible. Each print is hand-finished making it a unique artwork and is signed and numbered by the artist.

'Roger Moore' is a stricking, hand-finished giclee print signed by the artist. This piece has also been signed by Roger Moore himself making it extremley collectibile. 

Please contact us for further information on the Daniel Mernagh collections we have available.

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