How to Raise Money for Charity

Are you a charity or organisation looking to maximise your fundraising? Is there a cause that you passionate about and are wanting to give back? There are several ways to raise money for charity using different fundraising strategies.
Here are 4 fundraising strategies to raising money for charity.

Table of Contents

Host a fundraising event
Go Social
Use a fundraising platform
Work with local community

Host a fundraising event


Fundraising events are a popular and effective form of fundraising. You can turn any event into a fundraising opportunity for your cause. Holding a fundraising event is a fantastic opportunity to bring a community together to support a charity. They’re also enjoyable and fun for everyone!

To help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, let’s make sure you’ve ticked off everything on your list to holding a successful fundraising event.

What to consider?

Purpose – Who are you fundraising for, and what type of event are you planning? When you have decided on the charity and what event you’re holding, you can determine what fundraising activities you will have and what goals you would like to achieve.

Budget  Every event will have costs, so it is important to put a budget in place. Create a plan of the expenses that will be required to hold the event. Consider that your budget should be a part of your overall fundraising goal. It’s vital to make sure the money you raise will be higher than your outgoings.

Fundraising goal – How much money are you hoping to raise at your event? Having a defined set of goals for each fundraising activity makes it easier to organise your fundraiser. Your goals will determine how you communicate with your supporters in terms of what fundraising you have planned.

Additional Fundraising – A fundraising event can be based on donations and ticket sales. Consider if you’re looking to raise more money, always add an auction to an event. Whether it is live, silent or both, it’s a great form of entertainment to have at the event, and it increases your fundraising! 

Target Audience & Planning – Who is the target audience for your event, and what is the event planner? 

An event planner will be beneficial as you need to know how much time you have for the fundraising element. For instance, if you’re planning an awards ceremony, then you know there is limited time for fundraising. In this situation, perhaps, it’s best to have a silent auction in the background of the evening. On the other hand, if you’re planning a fundraising gala, a major part of the evening should be focused on the charitable cause – but it is important to add other aspects of entertainment to the evening, such as a great band.

Marketing – Promote, promote, promote! 

You’ve decided the type of event, the target audience and everything else are in place from start to finish – it’s time to market your event to your target audience and sell tickets. Showcasing what you have planned for the night is imperative to get people to come to your event. If you are looking to hold an auction element to your event, this could be the perfect way to send a thorough taster of products out via email or on social to get supporters prepared for the night ahead.

Go Social

If you would like to reach a larger audience to raise money for charity, social media is your best tool! Whether you’re holding an event or doing a charity fun run, school fundraiser or competition, promoting yourself online can benefit your fundraising. It is amazing that we have the world in our hands. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can reach a larger audience of those who donate to your cause.

Let’s flashback to March 2020. Olivia Strong, a 27-year-old, wanted to raise money for charity and had the fantastic idea for a 5km challenge. From that, she started to run 5, donate 5, and nominate 5. Olivia was the first person to start this trend by posting on Instagram, and little did she know that it was stem out to millions. It encouraged people all over the world to run 5km and to donate £5 to ‘Run for heroes’. From this, she raised nearly 2 million.
The good thing about social media and fundraising is that people like to be seen doing their bit for charity. Olivia used this technique, and it encouraged people to take part in this activity.
Although your fundraising technique might not be seen by millions of people, you can reach out to the local community and get others to repost and share!

Facebook has also developed a donate tool on their site so that your friends and family can see that you are supporting a charity and can donate to help you reach your fundraising goals. It is a great tool if you want to raise money for charity and need a platform to host the collection.

Use a fundraising platform

There are lots of fundraising platforms out there nowadays to help you reach your fundraising goal. Crowdfunding has become an essential fundraising tool for charities that accepts donations from anyone worldwide. People often use crowdfunding to raise money for emergencies, medical expenses, treatment, memorials, and education. Also, we can use crowdfunding for charities. It isn’t necessarily a fundraising tool to raise money quickly, but it is a way to raise money from donations by reaching out to a wider audience and relying on the kindness of people’s hearts.

Pages like ‘Go Fund Me’ have a huge following and a fantastic website. On the website, there are different causes for what people are trying to raise money. It means that anyone who is looking to donate to charities can look at the donation page on ‘Go Fund Me’ to find a personal or charitable cause.

Work with local community

Using your local community is also a helpful tool if you’re looking to raise money for charity. Communities love when they can be brought together for a social event. Whether you are a charity or, if you support one, it is worth looking into the power a community holds. Macmillan coffee morning is a prime example of using communities everywhere to get together to host a coffee morning with as many or as few as people you like. It’s a great excuse to get your friends, neighbours, work colleagues involved by sitting down with a coffee and cake for a great cause.

If you wanted to raise money for charity or as a charity get the community together, you could hold a car boot or a street sale. If you’re looking to fundraise for the local school, you could get the children involved with parents. The good thing about the local community is that the fundraising idea can be passed around by word of mouth, and, usually, you’ll find that there’s a lot of support!

Everyone has their skill and within the community, some so many people could do something to help you. Using the community can help if you wanted to host an auction or even put together a market. There will always be a bakery, jeweller, florist and more, who can be an option to donate a prize, their time or support on the day.


    There are lots of fundraising techniques out there and, anything can be made into a fundraising event. Using these 4 tools, you are sure to succeed in raising money for your charity or cause. And if you need support, please, check our charity auction services we provide.