How to successfully run an online auction!

Due to the recent pandemic, the demand for online auctions have become increasingly popular. Fundraising has been severely hit by COVID-19, with live events all canceled for the foreseeable future, it’s uncertain when charity fundraising events will be happening. Our online auction platform allows all charities, businesses and companies can fundraise from the comfort of their home.  We truly believe this will be the future of charity fundraising, not just during the pandemic but even alongside live events, for those who cannot attend or even as a build-up to the event. The growth of the web and increased use of the internet has seen a big increase in online charity auctions as more and more non-profit organizations now take their fundraising online.

Online Auction


Comfort of your own home

Currently, with social distancing measures in place, this is one of the most important benefits of running an online auction. Live charity events can be busy places with people traveling from all over the country to attend the event, If you’re worried about being in crowded places but don’t want to miss out on some of the wonderful lots on offer, online auctions are the answer! Even if whats happening in the world right now wasn’t happening, bidding from the comfort of your own home can be beneficial for any live event. it can be used as a platform as a lead up to show your audience what will be at an event as a teaser, it allows anybody who can’t attend the event to be part of the action and bid with them, it also allows reassurance that if your event, unfortunately, doesn’t go ahead it can still generate revenue for the charity online.

Don’t have to run an event

We know that planning an event is stressful, it can take months to plan and there are so many areas to be covered. With online auctions, the stress and headache of planning an event is removed! Online auctions are simple! Here at superstars, we do all the work as well! All you need to do is send over any items you want to put into your event and your branding for your company and we create a fully tailored and bespoke auction page just for you. We also provide you with a choice of all of our products we have to offer and your dedicated account manager will personally pick out items that would work perfectly with your audience! The only thing you would do is send our the auction link to your database and promote on any social media platforms to generate as much traffic as possible to your site and therefore raise as much for your chosen charity.

Reaches a larger audience

Online auctions can even go above and beyond the 500 guests, you would have invited to your event. As this platform is online you are in full control of who it goes out too! You can even reach a larger audience by sending it out to the charity database or promote further on social media by hashtagging or getting others to repost your auction. This means more people would view your auction!

Extended period of bidding

The beauty of having an online auction running is that there is no time limit on how long your auction should be running for! If you want to extend your bidding time to help raise more funds for your charity you can do! The best bit about the bidding time of an online auction is the competitiveness you can create through your database. Daily reminders or 2 hours ago reminders can really prompt your database to help bid!

  • "Even working at high speed, James Love’s professionalism is matched by his personable manner. He’s smart, kind and manages that amazing double act: eye for detail with clear sights on the big picture. I can’t imagine a better fundraising partner for the Asks for Masks auction. I feel very lucky to have worked with James; and recommend SuperStars to any charity or non-profit seeking to fundraise in this challenging climate"Kate Hammer, Linkedin COVID-19

What will happen?

Whilst new procedures are settling in, we request your patience for all rearranged events. We are continuing to follow all guidelines set out by the government and event venues. This is to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and close working partners.

We are providing regular updates through our social media platforms. If you are not already following us, please feel free to check us out using the links below. Also, we invite you to check our Charity Auction Guide to learn about types of auctions and other useful information about auctions.

On behalf of everyone at Superstars, thank you for your continued support and stay safe!