Superstars £100,000 prize giveaway!

Charities’ everywhere have been hugely struck by the pandemic. Studies show that 1 in 10 UK Charities are facing bankruptcy by the end of the year, with shortfall caused by soaring demand for their services and lost fundraising income.

Charities are ESSENTIAL for millions of people, including people of all age brackets all over the world. Now is the time they need our support more than ever, allowing them to be able to offer vital assistance to people in their time of need.

prize giveaway

FREE Platform, FREE Service & FREE Product!

Here at Superstars we always do what we can do to support charities everywhere. We are offering a HUGE promotion for 50 charities to receive £2,000 worth of product in our £100,000 prize giveaway. There is no cost and we are offering our service completely free of charge. This includes a FREE online auction platform and FREE products to get the auction going. We want to do as much as we possibly can before the end of the year to maximise fundraising potential for 50 charities.

How does it work?

Between September – December, charities and organisations will be accepted into the £100,000 prize giveaway scheme. The first 50 charities who are accepted will receive £2,000 worth of items for their auction. These free items are selected by us here at Superstars, and consist of our BEST-SELLING Artwork and memorabilia. You will have a bespoke online auction platform created by our Superstars’ team that will be branded to your charity/ organisation. Superstars will also add in a minimum of 20 additional items on top of the free items to engage supporters!

What can I add to my online auction?

You can include anything you like in your online auction! If you have any items that have been donated or that you would like to include to help raise more money, this is fine! Alongside any items charities have, we will be including our product into the auction on a sale or return basis to further benefit the charities offering. We have a great selection of products that we can offer to help support the charity and to enhance the variety of items listed. We have the biggest product selection in the industry which includes artwork, memorabilia, luxury gifts, bespoke experience, and hotel stays! Our Superstars team will support the process and help pick out products, catering to your audience. 

What do I have to do?

All you need to do is… PROMOTE THE PAGE! We want you to spread the word about your online auction, drive as much traffic as you possibly can to get people on there, and bidding! Send it out to your database, promote on your social media, get your friends and family involved! The good thing about our Superstars products is there is such a huge variety of products. You never know what you might find! Whether it’s a collective piece, a birthday present, or even a holiday or next year, funds will be going to support an incredible charity and we thank you for your support!


    How long will this promotion run for?

    We will be running our £100,000 prize giveaway from September until December, however, we only have 50 spaces for this promotion so please do talk to a Superstars representative now via our contact form or our live chat for more information!