Silent Auction Bidding Styles 

Unlike many auction providers, both electronic and paper based sealed bidding platforms are available.
Both platforms, offer many benefits and understanding that every event is different, and every audience is unique, enables us to advise on the best silent auction solution.

It is important to take time and assess the options before rushing into a decision. Here at Superstars we listen to all of your event requirements leaving no stone unturned before proposing the most suitable bidding style.


Paper based bidding can be seen as the traditional method of running a silent auction. Prior to the event, a professionally designed bidding brochure will be printed, containing all the lot information. During the evening, guests are able to submit bids via the brochure, by writing their contact details together with desired bids.

The benefits to using this system include increased bid generosity, as guests are unaware of other bids on the items. This encourages guests to bid high and outbid other potential bids. It also means that it only takes one bid, on an item, for it to be successful in raising funds. In terms of cost, this service is always free of charge, which is obviously a huge benefit reducing event risk and costs. For events with large number often it can be a lot easier and more effective to provide an electronic service as explained below.


With the rapid advance of technology in many areas of life, it is no surprise to see this being echoed in the third sector, especially when it comes to silent auctions. The glitzy feel of electronic bidding adds an exciting competitive, and contemporary, edge to the silent auction, and in turn the event.

Using tablet based bidding, makes it much easier to accommodate the larger scale events. In addition, electronic bidding provides an exciting final 10 minutes where last minute bids come flying in, driving charitable profit skyward.


The development of the online auction has also allowed us to offer a further benefit, alongside electronic bidding. When used in conjunction with electronic bidding, an online auction can create a buzz around the silent auction, prior to the event.

It allows guests who may not be able to attend the event, as well as those that can, to partake in the auction place a bid or two, also allowing for proxy bidding.

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